Volunteer Opportunities

CAAGS has no paid staff, and is therefore handled entirely by volunteers.  There are many opportunities available, from active involvement to a few times/hours per year.  Volunteering allows you to meet and network with others who share your passion for family history research and genealogy.


Whether you can volunteer on a regular basis or just on certain projects, CAAGS has a place for you!  Please check the list of activities below.  If you see a place where you can serve, please contact our Membership Chair at membership@caags.org.

  • Program Planning – Identifying areas of interest and speakers for general meetings and/or special programs, workshops, etc.


  • General Office Work – Assisting Officers with organizing CAAGS records, files


  • Assisting with fundraising events/activities


  • Writing for publication, i.e., writing book reviews and articles for CAAGS Heritage Newsletter


  • Publicity/Advertising – Helping to create press releases, promote events and contact the media


  • Hospitality – Meeting and event greeters, refreshments, decorations


  • Communications